DIY Dueling Tree Kit for .22 LR ***ZOMBIES***


Tired of sending expensive rounds down range?  TTM has come up with the perfect solution, what also happens to be unbelievably fun for the entire family (of ALL ages).  Our .22LR DIY Tree Kits allows shooters to utilize the inexpensive .22LR rounds.  Our heavier 3/8″ AR500 paddles are just too heavy for these light caliber rounds.

This DIY Dueling Tree ZOMBIE Kit is CNC cut from 3/16″ Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) steel.  These paddles are for .22LR only.  Higher caliber weapons WILL damage them.

Please choose the configuration you would like to purchase.  Some of our customers already own DIY dueling trees, so we have made the pivot tubes as an optional item to save you money if you already have one of our DIY tree set ups.

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4 Target Kit
4 Target Kit w/Pivot Tubes
6 Target Kit
6 Target Kit w/Pivot Tubes
8 Target Kit
8 Target Kit w/Pivot Tubes
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4 Target Kit, 4 Target Kit w/Pivot Tubes, 6 Target Kit, 6 Target Kit w/Pivot Tubes, 8 Target Kit, 8 Target Kit w/Pivot Tubes


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