AR500 dueling tree DIY kit
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DIY “Do-It-Yourself” AR500 Dueling Tree Target Kit

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For the ultimate in longevity, please check out our NEW AR550 DIY Dueling Tree Target Kits.  With a 10% increase in core hardness, our AR550 dueling tree kits are sure to be the last DIY tree paddles you purchase.  Check them out here!

Please note: The DIY Dueling Tree is designed to save you a ton of money!  All components fit in to a flat rate box from the post office.  If you’re not a welder, we do offer dueling trees that are already built and ready to go.  Please check our reactive target category for the pre-built dueling tree.  Absolutely nothing for you to do or source if you go that route.

 A TTM Original!  This is for the “Do-It-Yourselfer” who has access to a welder!  Make your own dueling tree at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one that is pre-built  Constructed from 3/8″ AR500, these paddles can take some severe abuse!  Shoot with any pistol/magnum round from any safe distance!  Shoot with high-caliber (lead only) centerfire weapons traveling 3200 FPS (or ANY pistol from any SAFE distance) or less from 100 yards.  We have sold thousands of these kits and everyone loves how easy this tree is to build!

INCLUDED INSTRUCTIONS!  Once you checkout and receive your electronic receipt, it will include a link to our downloadable instructions.  Building this dueling tree is super easy!

NEW ~ We have added optional paddles so shooters can use .22LR ammo!  Ammo is expensive, so our newly added 3/16″ A36 Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) paddles are sure to react with this light caliber ammo.  Designed for .22 rounds only.  You risk damage to the target should you shoot with higher caliber ammunition!  When you select “add .22 paddles”, we’ll make sure you receive the correct amount of .22 paddles for your kit size selection.

All kits come with deburred pivot tubes.  You will receive the correct amount of tubes depending on which configuration of paddle targets you order.  Keep in mind, if you order kits with both AR500 paddles and .22 paddles, you’ll only receive 1 set of tubes.  The idea is to make these paddles interchangeable.  Swap paddles depending on the ammunition you are shooting!

Optional Pivot Tube Upgrade:  As an option, we’ve added BEEFY 1.5″ DOM pivot tubes.  The DOM pivot tubes provide extreme resistance to wear and are twice the thickness of our our standard pivot tubes provided with the kit.  Your dueling tree will get a lot more life from the additional strength of the thicker walled pivot tubes.  Well worth the upgrade!

Recommendations: When building your tree, we recommend purchasing 1.5″ angle iron in .25 thickness.  The height of the tree is up to you.  Also, when welding the angle iron to the base, always have the top of the angle iron leaned toward the shooter, with the “V” facing the shooter as well (to protect the pivot tube).  This way gravity will keep the targets to either the left or right position and you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck.


Don’t forget to add our Multi-Purpose Base (MPB).  The MPB is configured to accept the angle iron at a 22 degree lean.  No guess work on how to set up your tree.  Plus, the MPB can be used for ANY of our reactive target systems.  Check it out!

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1 review for DIY “Do-It-Yourself” AR500 Dueling Tree Target Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought the 6 target DIY kit from The Target Man. It works great. It was easy to put together. I live on a shooting range in Oklahoma. we are open to the public, so this thing has seen some abuse. It has held up well. I would not hesitate to buy again. we have shot this dueling tree with 9mm, 40s/w, 45acp,10mm, 7.62×25, heck i even threw a 44 mag at it once just to see what would happen. the plates still look brand new. even after thousands of rounds!

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